This Wheel+Chair concept is very innovative, it transforms your own chair into a fully functional wheelchair. By utilizing user’s own chair, the production and transportation cost of this unit will drastically reduce, a wheelchair without a chair. There are still many disabled people who can’t afford a wheelchair, especially in the world’s poorest regions. Even the cheapest wheelchair can be very expensive for them.
That’s why we consider Wheel+Chair concept is an ingenious design, user can easily attach these components to their existing chair. By utilizing local materials and resources to reduce the production cost, this concept is not only a unique vehicle design, it is also a low-carbon action and an act of care for humanity. The demountable structure makes transportation and distribution easy especially in remote areas.

Designers : Prof. Ying Fangtian, Sun Xin, Peng Junjie, Luo Zhening, Gu Shirong, Qiu Yiwu, and Wu Tianyu

Need I say something? Our you think it's a great idea and much more cheaper!

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