They may be the new kids on the block but they’re already causing quite a stir in the design world with their innovative, high-end products. Netherlands’ own Puur Design Studio sent me these images of their gorgeous Magic™ four-piece chair. The idea is simple, pull out the nesting pieces when you need more seating area, and keep them all nested into a single element the rest of the time. They say that although the chair is large in dynamics, the design is relatively light weight and durable. I love the balance between texture-richness and minimalist design. Designed by Dripta Roy for Puur Design Studio—available by fall 2008 in Europe for €1750 + taxes, by winter in North America. If you’re interested they’re taking pre-orders through More images after the break.

The minimalist design help us make or house a good place to live, without many furniture.

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  1. IN says:

    A puur também tem umas estantes em forma de nuvem muito engraçadas. *
    Só por curiosidade, estudaste/estudas design?

  2. micróbio says:

    Yes, I studied design, in Portugal, Industrial Design and I'm passionated by simple design, for me it's like a part of me. My design currently is blocked for some necessities, but Scandinavian design is my way

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