Lost in the dark! That’s usually what happens when you get home from a long day of working, skateboarding, drinking, whatever! It’s dark outside, you wanna get into your house, but by golly if it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to get that key aligned with the key hole in order to insert and turn! Here’s the key to this problem. The “V Lock.” It’s got a v. You put the key in the v. You open the door. Perfect.

I think you’ll understand this concept in basically 0 seconds. It’s just that obvious. Props to designer Junjie Zhang for making the world a more intuitive place, one lock at a time.

Designer: Junjie Zhang

Simple and easy... who can says this isn´t necessary?

It seems a box is always too big or small so designer Patrick Sung came up with flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard called the Universal Packaging System or UPS (unrelated tho the logo is eerily similar). The patterns make it easy to fold and conform to almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents. Love the idea of saving on packaging but will this actually work? I suspect each sheet would have to be sufficiently padded; not too thick, not too thin, but just right said Goldilocks.

Designer: Patrick Sung

One more reason who prove that good design is made from simple things...

How simple a light do you want for your desktop? How about one with a couple joints, a base, a wire, and a bit of shine? Well hay! We’ve got that right here! Designed by Swedish design and architecture studio TAF for Scandinavian design company Muuto. One of the most prominent hopes for this project was to project the idea of Honesty. That’s why all bolts, joints, and screws are emphasized.

So cute! Can you imagine all the lovely little things you could paint on all the sides? I wouldn’t recommend painting the insides though, as that can sometimes lead to… fumes. Although, then you might get all loopy and the lamp will look even better!

No don’t do that! Only laugh at the thought of it.

This Wood Lamp is made of pine approximately 50 cm. tall, and it comes with either a green or white cord.

Designer: TAF for Muuto

The good design doesn't need necessarely made from expensive material, with cheapest materials we can do a lot of good thing

An encore to the Big Eye Needle is this neat idea called the Easy Needle. Unlike the Big Eye, which had an expanding loop eye, the Easy Needle has a minor slit in the eye to allow the thread to slide in comfortably. I know many use magnifying glasses to thread the needle, but if Easy Needle doesn’t interfere with the quality of my stitch, I’d be willing to give it a try.

Simple and easy, what more can define functional design?

They may be the new kids on the block but they’re already causing quite a stir in the design world with their innovative, high-end products. Netherlands’ own Puur Design Studio sent me these images of their gorgeous Magic™ four-piece chair. The idea is simple, pull out the nesting pieces when you need more seating area, and keep them all nested into a single element the rest of the time. They say that although the chair is large in dynamics, the design is relatively light weight and durable. I love the balance between texture-richness and minimalist design. Designed by Dripta Roy for Puur Design Studio—available by fall 2008 in Europe for €1750 + taxes, by winter in North America. If you’re interested they’re taking pre-orders through sales@puur.ca. More images after the break.

The minimalist design help us make or house a good place to live, without many furniture.

What’s a good plate with nothing on it? No, what’s a bunch of good food without a plate? What’s a good baby without a single bed to sleep upon? How about when that baby gets a bit older, what happens then? Buy more furniture for them? Heck no! You take that crib you’ve got there and you transform it into a whole bunch of little person friendly bits of fun! Complete with another bed for that ever-elongating person.

In this furniture amalgamation, the “Smart Kid,” parents will find themselves loving the lack of store-going activities they’ll have to do, and the amount of child-engaging activities their little tikes will have!

Crib, changing table, storage drawers for linens and baby care accessories, changes into a playpen, or a desk with a chalkboard, a bigger bed, sets of drawers apart, everything a kid needs in furniture up to 10 years old.

Designer: Adensen Furniture

It's a big problem when the kids grow, and the parents must buy another furniture... this product make disappear that problem...

The Page Chaser is a flexible bookmark that automatically marks the page as you turn them. Ordinary bookmarks can fall out and require you to correctly mark where you left off. Why waste all that precious brain power on something so mundane? The Page Chaser catches every page as you turn. It’s an incredibly simply design that never falls out. Cheap, easy to manufacture, and handy. Win in my book.

Designer: Hyeon Joo Lee

I think this product is very functional for the people who read book in the train or metro... we need close the book constantly... good product

It is so deluxe man, so deluxe that it expands to great proportions. Such greatness it has, in fact, that 18 pieces become one in the folding. This table is made not only to transform awesomely, it’s made to save space and be the centerpiece of the room. Fourteen of the 18 pieces are on top. The last four are the legs. At the moment it’s white, in the future, maybe a bunch of colors will be on there. Like 18 different colors, I’m thinking. Something for the ever-expanding hipster market, yes?

This table’s made by Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström whose first collaborative project with each other is, in fact, this table. Watch their careers with great interest if you dare, they’re both Swedish freelance designers, so you know they’re going to make what’s great.

Designers: Sigrid Strömgren & Sanna Lindström

This first post is about why i do this blog...
I'm industrial designer and i want explain to other people what is the real design... not the aesthetic design but the functional... this is my point.. the functional design is the better way to do a good product... i hope post good products here... i will post whenever i see a good product.