Pencil modification number one billion! It only makes sense that one of the longest lasting and most popular tools ever created by humankind would be the subject of such a giant amount of conceptual revisions. This one right here’s flat. More like it comes to a point. Not the one where you write out of, but along the whole stick. Makes it nicer to hold, they say, makes it harder to roll, they say.

Designer Sang-hoon Lee is responsible for this particular revision of the writing stick. Pen-Sally is what my highschool art teacher would’ve called it. Sang-hoon Lee calls this one the “Edge Pencil.”

See what you make of it.

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee

One of the pranks that you could play with your friends travelling by air is to slip this pill-sized box into their hand luggage. The pill box actually holds a folded sheet of razor! Yup a disposable razor that neatly rolls up into a pill! Which is obviously not allowed in hand luggage. Convenient, hygienic and safe!

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park & Seunghwa Jeong

The refined Pencil Printer part II comes with detailed explanations and a better understand of saving the environment from paper trash and permanency of Ink! In here we see how the lead shavings feed the cartridge toner and prints effortlessly on paper. Mistakes are easily erased, and once the crappy memo is done with…you can erase all the gibberish and re-use the paper. A true test of erasing skills!

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong & Jin-young Yoon

It seems so easy after watch this that I con think how I never thought about it. It´s a really amazing product and very easy to do...

These glasses look like something you might wear to a party, but they are actually a very serious paper tool. Because of the 1mm holes, it's possible to focus your eyes without lenses. Paper goods, such as paper cups or paper plates are useful goods, when there is an emergency. These paper glasses are made to help you ride out a crisis when your glasses are broken in a disaster or accident.

By Designer Azumi Mitsuboshi

Does it really matter how you tape your boxes shut? Not really, unless you add some cool hinges to the design, or go off-center like how I usually do. But if you are perfectionism personified, then you must really crave for neatness while sealing stuff. So how about the Center Tape? I know you’ll really dig it!

by Hwang Youn Ha & Han Seung Bum

Center Tape is a 2011 red dot design concept winner. Nothing more to say!

With an original design, we can safely say that Freekey is a very practical project. After all, who never lost a piece of nail mequetrefes these shirts?

According to the DDG, their design process is quite simple: they start from a concept / original idea and develop prototypes for hundreds of practice tests, until its final concept.

by Drosselmeyer Design Group

Amazing as I like! Who never broke a nail trying to remove the key?! This product do the same as a ring before but with a added value!

Spray it, don’t squeeze it! Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. No longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to get the juice out like a common cook. With only one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly. Let Stem add a little zest in your kitchen and on your food!

by quirky

Definitively very usefully, and clean

This Wheel+Chair concept is very innovative, it transforms your own chair into a fully functional wheelchair. By utilizing user’s own chair, the production and transportation cost of this unit will drastically reduce, a wheelchair without a chair. There are still many disabled people who can’t afford a wheelchair, especially in the world’s poorest regions. Even the cheapest wheelchair can be very expensive for them.
That’s why we consider Wheel+Chair concept is an ingenious design, user can easily attach these components to their existing chair. By utilizing local materials and resources to reduce the production cost, this concept is not only a unique vehicle design, it is also a low-carbon action and an act of care for humanity. The demountable structure makes transportation and distribution easy especially in remote areas.

Designers : Prof. Ying Fangtian, Sun Xin, Peng Junjie, Luo Zhening, Gu Shirong, Qiu Yiwu, and Wu Tianyu

Need I say something? Our you think it's a great idea and much more cheaper!

I know I’m not the only one who’s paid the price for being lazy about hanging up my clothes! I have carelessly stretched out the necks of my shirts because I’d rather force a rigid hanger through the neck rather than come up the bottom. The Pinch hanger is a efficient and easy solution to my problem. Made of a flexible Polypropylene and Elastomer mix, the user only has to pinch the arms together and slide the hanger into place. Speed up the process while preserving your threads!

Designer: Jaineel Shah

It's seem to easy to do but behind this simple piece it's a lot of work.

I love the Paper Dish concept and hope that Dominos or Pizza Hut take up on this idea ASAP. The thang is only a well-cut paper with appropriate perforations, that allow you to slice and devour a pizza slice, without getting your hands messy. The idea is very clever, more like a makeshift paper plate, but worth including in my next box of hot takeaway!

Designers: Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee

So easy!!

It’s a standard 4″ paint brush but the width can be varied by removing or adding 1/2 modular bristles. The synthetic hairs are attached to a stainless steel ferrule that mounts onto a spring steel handle. This actually look like it might work although it begs the question, why wouldn’t you just buy a good disposable brush in the first place?

Designer: Virang Akhiyaniya

Sometimes the problem is not get a solution but instead understand what is really the problem. This is one of a lot of cases that we can said, How I never thought about it.
Well done Virang!!!!