Our ancestors rubbed two twigs to make light (fire) but to kindle the Lightstarter you just need to work on one. The embedded accelerometer determines if your rubbing is good enough for 30 seconds or 10 minutes of torchlight. Essentially one second of kindling time is equal to 10 seconds of light! I’d definitely take it on my next camping trip.

Kindling time for Lightstarter is 1:10
3 second kindle = 30 seconds of light
35 second kindle = 1 minute, 10 seconds of light
1 minute kindle =10 minutes of light
Lightstarter is battery powered and uses an accelerometer to determine the start and length of kindling

Designer: Michael Kritzer

Great idea in crises time. It's not a big revolution but with small details we can change a lot. Using or own movements to make light there's no doubt a great deal.

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